I moved to Mumbai a little over eighteen months ago from Denmark.  At the time,  India seemed like a faraway place, hustling and bustling with a lot more action than a small town in Denmark, and when my employer offered me a two year stint to build out a new office in Mumbai, I jumped at it.

Just before I moved, my boyfriend and I decided that we didn’t want a long distance relationship.  When I moved back to Denmark, we decided, we would see what made sense.   We decided to move on, but needless to add here, emotionally, I was ready for anything but.

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My first six months in Mumbai were spent adjusting – to rickshaws, maids, the food, and just about everything else that you can imagine.  Once I was settled in, I went out a few times with a group of people from work, and every time I went out, guys hit on me thinking I was “easy”.   I met a couple of very sweet guys through the expat club (for those that are interested), but somehow, no one that seemed to get me.

I was also still in love with my boyfriend from Denmark.  As hard as it is to admit it, I was mentally in love with him, and physically in need of male company.  So one day, I was talking to my gym instructor about this, and he recommended a masseuse that visited some ladies in the neighborhood.  I told him I wasn’t really prepared for that, and he said, he’s a great masseuse, and he won’t pressure you into anything anyway.

So with a mix of hesitation and excitement, I called Rakesh’s cell phone.  He showed up two days later, in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday.  I live by myself, so didn’t have any awkward guest moments.  I opened the door and welcomed him into the apartment.  He asked me to lay down and relax.  I tried and failed.

In a couple of minutes though, his massage started to calm me down.  He spoke in English, telling me what muscles to un-knot as he worked his way through my body until I was completely at ease.  After about forty minutes, he asked, very politely, “Ma’am, would you like a happy ending?”.  “Yes, that would be wonderful”.

He worked his hands like magic over the next ten minutes, and when he was done, I was thrilled.   Thrilled to have found a no-compulsions, no-strings attached, risk-free pleasurable, polite masseuse.   It was exactly what I needed, a happy beginning.


Written anonymously by an expat in Mumbai for Bombay Wire.  Do you have stories to share of your exploits in the city?  Send them to writers@bombaywire.com


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