The video is fairly long, so here are the highlights from Yuvi’s press conference in India.  He’s back after a long stint in Boston where he was treated for a rare form of germ-cell cancer, after which he made a stop in London before heading back to India.


“The cancer has gone from my body but the mental scars haven’t,”…  “The cancer was hard to diagnose. It was really scary. It was hard to believe that I had this illness. It was a hard time … difficult to understand what was going on”

“I was lucky my cancer was detected at the first stage. During the World Cup, I used to have breathing problems, coughing and vomiting.”

“At the moment I am very happy with the way I am living my life. I am being very positive as I always have been…. I am just happy to be back and in some months I hope to be back on the field.”

“It is important that I take care of my health.. I need to focus on my health rather than being emotional and want to come back to cricket. I will come back for sure, but my body has to recuperate.”

“I used to feel frustrated when I saw cricket matches during my illness but I always tried to be cheerful, have positive thoughts. At the moment, I’m happy and relieved to have got my life back. I don’t yet know what the lesson will be from this illness, but I’m sure there will be something.”

Watch the full video:


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