Madhur Dutta reviews Love & Latte, one of the few cafes in Bandra that open as early as 7 AM!  

Love & Latte is a quaint little cafe, inspired by owner, Neha Gogia’s visits to Italy and the Italian countryside, where she fell in love with coffee enough to want to start this cafe right at home. The ambience instantly warms to you and makes you feel comfortable with decor elements like the wood carving that tells the owner’s intimate story and aesthetically pleasing illustrations that give it a preppy feel. The cafe is quite small, at approximately 700 sqft, so if you plan on going in a group, getting a table might be tricky.

Love & Latte, Picture by Madhur Dutta

This cafe is ideal for an early morning breakfast, as it opens at 7 AM. The menu is extensive, ranging from Beverages (Warm and Iced Coffees & Teas, coolers, Italian sodas, smoothies and mock-tails) to quick bites like puffs, salads and quiches. Also on the menu is more satiating grub like paninis, pizza’s, wraps, rolls, sandwiches, pasta and lastly deserts.

The beverages and snacks were a mixed bag. Some were delightful; others, however, were not up to the mark. We started out by ordering ourselves warm coffees. We ordered a Gingerbread latte, the flavour was hard to decipher and tasted slightly off, which did not live up to our expectation. We then ordered a classic latte, which saved some grace. Along with our coffees we ordered a Crumb Fried Chicken Panini which was fresh, light and tasty. Lastly we ordered a couple of desserts: The Chocolate Mousse and the Walnut Brownie. The mousse was just right, smooth in texture and well balanced in flavour. The chocolate brownie was delicious, with just enough walnuts not overpowering the rich chocolate flavour.

Love & Latte is an ideal place to catch up with friends, share a cozy afternoon with your loved ones’ or picking up a quick snack to go.


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