Let’s face it:  Kingfisher brought sexy to the Indian airline industry.  How dreary would airports be, if it wasn’t for the regular sightings of Red Kingfisher Bums in the inappropriate-anywhere-else-but-the-airport skirts?   Who still remembers how boring on-board welcome videos used to be before the delightful Yana Gupta did the Kingfisher one?

And where would we be as a country without the Kingfisher Calendar Hunt?  And how boring would Twitter be without the Mallyas being forced to do customer service by “sort-of” actors?   And finally, which airline will everyone take to Goa, the place of Good Times?

It’s not quite clear what happened at Kingfisher, but it looks terrible.  Someone’s going to have to pump a bunch of money into the airline, and it’s not clear who or why.  The airline hasn’t had a single profitable year since it started in 2005, and it owes everyone money.

To keep us entertained, here’s our favorite tweet on the matter, and it’s not clear where it first started, so we’re not sure who to credit for the original: “If you love someone, set them free.  If they come back, they are yours to keep, and if they don’t, they must have gone on Kingfisher”.  🙂

But jokes aside, we hope Kingfisher pops out of its misery.  You can do your bit by going to the airport nearest to you, and find the Kingfisher flight that is going somewhere, and get on it.


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