Once I was like every other boy in India with a dream of playing for my country..

Rahul Dravid left the country heartbroken today as he announced his decision to quit international test and one-day cricket.  As gracious in his farewell as he has been in sixteen years of playing cricket for India, Rahul thanked everyone that enabled his career, including his family, teams, coaches, institutes, the media, and finally, the Indian cricket fan.

During tough times, and there have been many, they (family) are the ones we go to… my wife Vijeeta has been a remarkable partner in my journey… I look forward now to doing the simple things, like just taking my sons to school.”

And finally, he ended with:

I leave with sadness, but also with pride

Later, Rahul answered questions about why now, when he knew he was going to retire,

People call me “The Wall’, I used to joke about it and say “these guys are setting me up”.  Later they can use it to say “the wall falls down” or “the foundations are weak”.  It’s a nice line for people who write, so later they can set me up and use it.

India’s going to miss this INCREDIBLE cricketer, both on, and off the field.  Thank you, Rahul Dravid, for all the amazing times. 


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