2011 Gibraltar Fest

Before we begin, let’s just appreciate how coolly this twenty four year old chess grandmaster is rocking a red tikka in this picture – right?  Ok.  Now we can move on.

For folks interested in sports other than cricket, Geetha Narayan Gopal just won four games in three different formats over Grandmaster Tal Baron from Israel, to help India win a 3-1 lead in the chess tournament.

“I liked the way the tactics came good. It was nice to sacrifice a few pieces and win without making mistakes,” said Gopal.

Gopal’s India compatriots, Sasikaran and Abhijeet Gupta didn’t have quite deliver the same results – Sasikiran had one win, one loss and two draws.  Abhijeet Gupta also struggled, ending up with a 1-3 loss to Vitali Golod.


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