To Bombay, My muse, My whore, My beloved (Dhobi Ghaat, 2010)

We are a group of self-confessed Indian news junkies who opinionate on stuff that’s happening in India.  We don’t do breaking news, pop-up ads, or typos.  We write about interesting people, places and things.  We curate and publish stories of interest for the Indian audience.

We’re interested in making Bombay Wire a site where people can debate and argue, agree to disagree, and reinforce and validate each other’s opinions.  We’re interested in building a community that can comment maturely on stories, without offense, and take comments in a light hearted vein when they are meant to be such.

We don’t have our own journalistic news force that breaks news, so we’re grateful for the news companies that do, and promise to credit those journalists and organizations in our stories.   We’re also committed to not propagating false rumors or slandering people who are famous just to generate the next news article – so we may be a little late in breaking the “news”, but at least we’ll know there’s enough fire for the smoke.

If you’re a writer and believe in these principles yourself, we would love for you to join us.  Please email us to contribute at admin@bombaywire.com and someone will be in touch with you.

Thanks for reading.

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