Now that it’s become common courtesy to support your friend’s films through social media, it’s also become increasingly difficult to find unbiased movie reviews from independent movie reviewers.

So, here we try to recap some of the reviews from what seem like independent reviewers:

  • Anupama Chopra for Hindustan Times
    • “The actors are also bogged down by the writing, which ranges from inspired (the climactic outburst mentioned above) to insipid. Too often, Menon resorts to formulaic character traits…”
  • Rajeev Masand for CNN IBN
    • “If you’ll believe that a couple can fall hopelessly in love after spending only three days together in seven years, perhaps you’ll buy the many contrivances of ‘London Paris New York’….What the film has going for it, however, is its breezy vibe, and the crackling chemistry between its leads”
  • Rachel Saltz for the New York Times
    • “You can feel Ms. Menon seeking her own kind of freedom. She tries hard to take a fresh look at sophisticated young Indians and at love, but her film ends up being just as formulaic as a run-of-the-mill Bollywood romance and less emotionally engaging”

Bottomline:  Sounds like a done and redone story.  Watch if you’re a heavy rom-com or Ali Zafar fan; otherwise, stay away. 


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