At the Formula 1 GP 2012 in Malaysia, world champion Sebastian Vettel got a puncture while lapping Narain Karthikeyan’s HRT and dropped back to finish 11th.

Now, watch Vettel’s car cam as he shows the middle finger to Narain, and later called him an “idiot”:

“Like on normal roads, you have some idiots driving around. It seems there is also one driving here”

Karthikeyan called Vettel a bully, and said:

With Vettel, I got on to the marbles and the car had a lot of wheelspin.  I had to jink to get out of it and unfortunately he was there. What else I could I do? Some of these guys when you get lapped, they just try and bully you so much, it’s not fair.

Later, likely after he heard what Vettel said, Narain, speaking to HT, called Vettel unprofessional and a crybaby:

It is really unprofessional. For a driver who has achieved so much to take out his frustrations on me just because he is having a difficult year is really sad. One does not expect a professional sportsman to be such a crybaby.


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