A few days ago, Mumbai Mirror printed a story in which they claimed Priyanka’s friends wanted to speak out and defend her in light of media speculation about her distance with Shah Rukh and Karan Johar.  The report started by stating, “While the 29-year-old Pee Cee has opted for a dignified silence in the face of nasty media whispers, friends of the actress claim that her calm facade is just that”

“At a recent party while he was feeding her cupcakes, she heard rumours of him bitching her out-all this is very hurtful,” said a close associate of the actress who did not want to be identified about Priyanka and a powerful producer-director in the industry.

When Mumbai Mirror called for her version of the events, Priyanka said she would only talk about her work and the music album. “Whatever has happened is in the past,” is all she would say.

However, her protective friends were more forthcoming. “Ever since she was nine years old Priyanka has been in awe of Shah Rukh Khan. But now she is scared to even utter his name in public, no matter how innocent or professional the context.”

This report would otherwise just have been dismissed as tabloid speculation on this story with absolutely no merit to it, but we were surprised to see that Karan Johar took to Twitter to respond to what could only be this story:

Interestingly, it was on Karan’s show Koffee with Karan, that Priyanka had gushed about her long-time awe & infatuation with Shah Rukh.  If you’re interested in watching only that portion, watch starting at 5:00 in Video 2.


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